The Delgados Reform for January 2023 Tour


I used to be in a band called The Delgados from 1995 to 2005. We did so much together; wrote songs in tiny rehearsal rooms, recorded 5 albums, toured the world, started a record label, and a recording studio. But we also struggled. It was such an intense experience. We were living in each others’ pockets. When we weren’t writing, rehearsing, recording or touring we were in the office supporting some of the most amazing new artists and their own careers, and one day it all felt too much and the band just, well, stopped. There was no fanfare. We were just tired. And needed to be away from each other for a while. For 17 years as it turned out. Not away completely – we still ran Chemikal Underground and Chem19 Studios but there is nothing quite so personal and intimate as making music together and getting to perform it in front of people. A shared experience. With friends. So, I’m absolutely over the moon to be able to announce that The Delgados are reforming and we start with a UK tour in January of next year. I really hope you can be at one of the five shows. Not that my solo career stops (although you could be forgiven for wondering where I’ve been since 2016) – there is a fourth solo album literally in the mix and I plan to get that out next year too. It’s going to be a busy 2023. Emma x

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