New track ‘I Won’t Follow Him To The Grave’ to be released on Vox Liminis album May 2018


Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a fantastic Glasgow based organisation of the name ‘Vox Liminis’– a venture devoted to using art to explore and enhance the lives of those involved with the Scottish justice system. I’ve now been involved in a number of songwriting projects with Vox Liminis, all based within Scottish prisons over a span of a few days, working closely with prisoners, prison staff, social workers and criminal justice academics, writing songs with them that tell their own unique story.

In February of 2017 I spent 3 days in Inverness Prison, writing with such a group. One of those individuals was a young man called Liam Forsyth. Liam has 2 young daughters and was very conscious that he wanted a better life for them than he had experienced for himself. He had grown up forming a strong bond with his older brother and followed his example through much of his young life. Tragically his brother died a few years ago, and Liam wanted to write a song about his experience, his loss and the impact it has had on how he wants to move into the future with his own family.

It’s been a rare privilege to work with Liam and his honesty and frank description of what he has seen and been through is testament to how important it is that he share this experience with others.

The track is just one of 10 to make up the Vox Liminis album ‘Not Known At This Address’ featuring songs written by a selection of writers including C Duncan, Kris Drever, Rachel Sermanni, Admiral Fallow and more, all co-writing with prisoners, prison staff, researchers and social workers within Scottish prisons.

The album will be launched on the 25th May at Glasgow’s Saint Luke’s followed by an Edinburgh gig at Leith Theatre on the 29th May.

Listen to ‘I Won’t Follow Him To The Grave’.

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