Fri 25th May: Glasgow St Luke’s (Distant Voices Album Launch)


The Distant Voices project invites you to the launch of a truly remarkable album. ‘Not Known at this Address‘ brings together some of Scotland’s most celebrated songwriters with people who have first-hand experience of the criminal justice system. This will be the project’s first professional release since since the success of 2015’s Silent Seconds EP.

Co-writers on the album include prisoners, prison staff, researchers and social workers. They’ve teamed up with the likes of Kris DreverC Duncan and Emma Pollock to create a unique, and uniquely human, portrait of criminal justice in Scotland.

Join artistic director Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow) and a number of special guests as we perform ‘Not Known at This Address’ alongside other songs from the Distant Voices project.

Musicians on the album include: C Duncan, Kris Drever, Emma PollockRachel Sermanni, Admiral FallowBdy_PrtsPronto Mama Fiskur and Donna Maciocia.

‘Listen to these songs, not because it’s such a worthwhile project, though it is, but because you’ll love them’ – Ricky Ross BBC Radio Scotland. 

If you’d like to come, but can’t afford a ticket, some free tickets are available. Contact for more info. Get tickets here.

Over the course of recording the album we’ve also worked hard to track down each of the co-writers behind the songs. From the rehearsal room to the studio the co-writers have had an input into the arrangement and artistic direction of their songs. We’re also working on new artistic collaborations with the co-writers based around their song. Over the next few months we will be documenting this process and sharing what people come out with – keep an eye on the website for more. We’re also hoping that many of the co-writers will be able to join us on the night to see their songs performed by a full professional band.

This event will be day 2 of ‘Vox Liminis Presents’, a two day mini festival run in partnership with Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.

Glasgow St Lukes Emma Pollock

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